Training as an Outdoor Instructor vs a Desk Job!

Our world has changed so much over the decades with technology, ipads and smart phones being literally everywhere.  Even young toddlers are learning to use iPads for games and learning apps! We can’t deny that computers are an important part of our life and are enormously helpful - but working behind one is not for everyone. If you love outdoor activities, the fresh air and the thrill that sport can give you – then Read More

How Hen Weekends have changed!

In the past Hen Nights were often nights out at the nearest town/city to a variety of pubs and clubs, which involved drinking copious amounts of alcohol whilst dressed in some theme of fancy dress (usually the more risqué the better!). In later years the Hen Night became the Hen Weekend with the drinking period extending over a much longer period. But did you know that the average mean age for women to get married in 2014 Read More

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