We love the elegance of this most English of customs

09 April 2018

Did you know that the quintessentially English Afternoon Tea dates back to the 1840s and was originally created to bridge the gap between an early luncheon and a late supper?

The first ever recorded formal ‘Afternoon Tea’ has been credited to Anna Russell, 7th Duchess of Bedford, who reportedly invited her friends to enjoy tea and light refreshments with her during the summer at Woburn Abbey, then later, at her house in London. The Afternoon Tea became a very fashionable past time of the upper classes. Often tea was served just before the traditional promenade around Hyde Park.

Thanks to its history, this is The Most English Of Customs and because of its chic and stylish history, Afternoon Tea remains the epitome of elegance, although in modern times, we tend to only enjoy it as an occasional luxury treat!

These days the Afternoon Tea has undergone somewhat of a rebirth and is once again a very fashionable, though quite rare indulgence, often included as part of a Hen Weekend, when the hens can relax together and treat themselves to sweet delicacies, often before a night out on the town!

The Afternoon Tea now often includes a few modern additions, as well as clotted cream and scones (Cream Tea), dainty sandwiches and a pot of Earl Grey, there is often the option of a glass of Prosecco or two!

Look at our Hen Activity Weekends web page for more information on our hen activities, which often include Afternoon Cornish Cream Tea with strawberries, scones and Cornish clotted cream!

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