Adventure Awaits

13 June 2018

Not all of us aMap Reading Skillsre made for 9 to 5 or dissertations and deadlines. If you’re more of a free and adventurous spirit, you could be looking for a career path that isn’t restrictive! How does spending your days traversing the great outdoors sound to you? You might just be ideally suited for a career as an Outdoor Instructor!

Here at The Manor House Activity Centre, we’ve got all the tools to get you on your way to that dream career. Why slug away for 3+ years at University, getting yourself into thousands of pounds of debt, when you can undertake a 4 month course of specific qualifications for less than a third of the cost? Our qualifications range from first aid to stand up paddle boarding, and the Outdoor Instructor Course is sure to impart on you a whole host of new skills.

Whether you aim to become an outdoor instructor yourself, or perhaps yearn for a job as a beach lifeguard, the easiest and most practical option is to undertake an intensive training course. But why choose us? Well, we truly care about your personal and career development, and will ensure to be with you at every stage of your journey! Our training differs from other courses which ensures our students are trained to work effectively in the industry – you’ll learn more about this when you come for your one to one meeting with the Course Director.   We are also located in beautiful Cornwall, where there are no shortage of beaches and crags to explore!

The intensive 16 week course consists of practical outdoor training sessions and theory lessons here at the Manor House. Get a taste of the adventure with on location practice scenarios, where your standard day can involve climbing, SUP, beach lifeguarding or kayaking – what’s not to love? Of course, sometimes we have to bring the learning indoors but don’t worry if you’re not academic! We are here to guide you just as much through the theory training as the practical lessons, and we aim to accommodate everyone’s needs.

Our courses run from November to March yearly, and 98% of graduates leave with more than one job offer! Successful leavers of our Outdoor Instructor Course are highly sought after by employers, so you could be well on your way to that dream career. We believe in giving you the best possible chance of achieving your goals, so we will also assist you on things like CV writing and interview skills. It’s these little extra touches that really set a course at The Manor House apart.
Beach Lifeguard Training
If you’re anxious about cost, there are options. Our course qualifies for a professional and career development loan, so you can borrow the funding to set you up in a perfect position to pay it back! You will also be heavily subsidized in setting yourself up with a full package of superior equipment for the course, including waterproof clothing, kayaking and climbing equipment.

Job satisfaction is one of the most important things we can aim for in life. The average working person spends approximately half their time at work, so having a career you truly love is one of the best investments you can make for yourself. If you want to know more about the course, go to our Training Web Page or contact Lesley at

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