How Hen Weekends have changed!

01 May 2017

In the past Hen Nights were often nights out at the nearest town/city to a variety of pubs and clubs, which involved drinking copious amounts of alcohol whilst dressed in some theme of fancy dress (usually the more risqué the better!).

In later years the Hen Night became the Hen Weekend with the drinking period extending over a much longer period.

But did you know that the average mean age for women to get married in 2014 continued the upward trend and increased to 34.6 years (Office for National Statistics) and the likelihood is that this upwards trend is continuing!?

It is hardly surprising therefore that the most popular Hen Weekends are now more up market and sophisticated (dare I say ‘Grown up’!) with 56% of Hens wishing to include a Spa Day (YouGov) and 16% wishing to include Afternoon Tea!

The most popular Hen Weekends include a combination of Great Accommodation, Activities and Spa Treatments, which is why at The Manor House our most popular weekend by far is the Surf and Spa weekend!

This Hen Activity Weekend includes all the current favourites: An Activity, Spa Day and Afternoon Cream Tea!

Take a look here for more information on our Hen Activity Weekends

If you are interested, there is also an upward trend in the age of Men when they get married and in 2014 this was 37 years. In both cases this is a significant increase from 40 years ago when the average age at marriage for women was just 27 years old and 30 for Men!

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