Training as an Outdoor Instructor vs a Desk Job!

01 June 2017

Our world has changed so much over the decades with technology, ipads and smart phones being literally everywhere.  Even young toddlers are learning to use iPads for games and learning apps!

We can’t deny that computers are an important part of our life and are enormously helpful - but working behind one is not for everyone.

If you love outdoor activities, the fresh air and the thrill that sport can give you – then becoming an Outdoor Instructor could be your dream profession.   This would be a role that isn’t as much a ‘job’ but something you just enjoy doing (which just happens to pay you)!  Bonus!

Of course there is a serious side to working as an Outdoor Instructor and this is where ensuring you have the right training and qualifications, knowledge and understanding are very important.

There is a lot of responsibility that comes with the role, but if you are on outdoorsy type person, these are far outweighed by your working environment and social interaction with your clients in the great outdoors!

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